Info about facilities and house rules at Boogoo Music & Art festival

You can store your belongings in the lockers at Boogoo music festival .
Lockers are continuously under surveillance and are always accessible for the people renting one during the opening hours of the site (please be aware that Boogoo Music & Art festival have different opening hours).

There are different sizes of lockers available and setup in many area of the festival. All details, sizes and prices will be available on the Boogoo Music & Art festival website closer to the festival.

The Information Point is where you go if you are looking for more information about the facilities, stage, an overview of the transport options, the line-up, and much more! The Information Point is located next to Boogoo Music & Art festival Entrance 1 and is open until 1:00 am.

Lost items at Boogoo Music & Art Festival are centralized at the Information Point next to the main Entrance 1. If you happen to find something yourself, please bring it to the Information Point or one of the police booth closeby.

During the opening hours of Boogoo Music & Art Festival a first aid team and a doctor will be permanently present Boogoo Music & Art festival 24 hours.

Earplugs are available at the shop close by the Information Point and First Aid booths.

If you need to bring medication to Boogoo Music & Art festival, please make sure you carry a doctor’s certificate with you to show at the entrance.

At Boogoo Music & Art festival have the possibility to stay at the Care & Support Area upon request. This is a small dedicated Area where the use of medical devices or other needs can be facilitated for people with a physical challenge or disability. This area also has adapted toilets and showers and is located next to the First Aid. It is also possible to only request the use of the adapted toilets and showers if you are staying in another area than the campground

Respect the festival Grounds of Boogoo Music & Art festival and show respect for Mother Nature. Collect and separate your waste well. The Recycle Club is there for you to make it fun and easy and you can always ask the crew at the Jurasic Houses for an extra plastic bag.

There are plenty of toilet & shower facilities at Boogoo Music & Art festival. The toilet facilities are always free of charge.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. When caught urinating in public you will be removed from the festival & camping grounds.

House rules
Every year, the organization invests a great deal of effort and manpower to turn Boogoo Music & Art festival into a extravaganza world. Every visitor needs to show proper respect! Tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction of the decoration will result in the removal from the festival and Boogoo Music & Art festival. Access will be denied for the remainder of the festival.

Photo devices/ Cameras
Digital photo cameras and/or video cameras are allowed on the grounds with the exception of (semi) professional equipment.

Photo- and film recording
During the festival there will be photos and video recordings: when entering the festival grounds all visitors give their silent consent to the organization to use and broadcast this footage.

Safety is the highest priority for the organization of Boogoo Music & Art festival. Therefore, the organization co-operates with the police. They are, in partnership with the Local Police Zone, responsible for the safety of the visitors, crew, and neighbors. During Boogoo Music & Art festival, the Khao yai Police (@khaoyai_police) will tweet on a regular basis about what happens on the festival site to keep everyone up-to-date.

More info:
Twitter: Khaoyai_police

Respect the festival Grounds of Boogoo Music & Art festival and show respect for Mother Nature. Collect and separate your waste well. The Recycle Club is there for you to make it fun and easy.

Quite Time

You need to give respect to other attendees that need to get some sleep once you are in the campground area. Quite time need to be at 3:00 Am in the campground area.
If you face any wild animal during your stay. Please contact any security close by and do not harm or feed any wild animal. Just stay calm and try to avoid any contact with the wild animal. Our security guard will handle any situation that may occur and get you safe.

You can find the full text of the house rules in the General Terms & Conditions.

Minimum age
The minimum age limit for entry to Boogoo Music & Art festival is 18.Year of age
People born in 2007 will be granted entrance even though they turn 18 after the festival.
Anybody who turns 18 in 2025, is permitted entrance.
This is a strict policy and anybody born in 2008 or later, even if accompanied by an adult will not be permitted entrance.

Important access info
⦁ Boogoo Music & Art festival access to campground area is only possible when you buy a Boogoo silver Package or above including accommodation.
⦁ Access to Boogoo Music & Art festival is only possible if you have a valid Boogoo Music & Art festival ticket registered in your name.
⦁ In case of loss or theft of your Boogoo Music & Art festival wristband, this will not be refunded or replaced.
⦁ Access to the camping and festival grounds can be refused or denied at all times.
⦁ Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political or social movement or group, are forbidden.
⦁ Vehicles like cars, motor(cycles), trailers, caravans, mobile homes, etc are not allowed at Boogoo Music & Art Festival .